Club History

Deando Ruxley Cricket Club was created in 2002 with the merger of Deando Cricket Club and Ewell Ruxley Cricket Club. The club was renamed to Ewell Cricket Club in 2017.

Deando Cricket Club was formed in 1950 and used The Fairfield, in Kingston, as its home base in the early years before moving to the Old Haileyburians Rugby Football Ground in Ruxley Lane, Ewell, in 1993.

Ewell Ruxley Cricket Club was originally called Wimbledon Park Cricket Club, being the cricket section of Wimbledon Park Athletic Club which was formed in 1921. The cricket section was formed in 1922 and moved to the Old Haileyburians Rugby Football Ground in 1935. The cricket section renamed to Ewell Ruxley Cricket Club in 1973.

Both Deando and Ewell Ruxley were in the Surrey Cricket League, so the merged club continued in that league. The club joined the Surrey County League in 2008. The 2nd XI won promotion to the Surrey Championship in 2013 and a 3rd XI was started in 2018 in the Surrey Cricket League.

Deando Ruxley Cricket Club created the junior section in 2010 and first entered a junior team into the West Surrey Youth Cricket League in 2014.

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