Entry to the Surrey County League

In 2008, the club entered the Fuller’s Brewery Surrey County League. The following is the club’s entry in the league handbook for that year and summarises the club’s history and explains its reasons for joining the league.

Fullers2008 Cover.jpg

Deando Ruxley Cricket Club was formed in November 2002 as a merger between Deando and Ewell Ruxley Cricket Clubs, two Clubs with a distinguished history in Surrey Cricket dating back many years. For Ewell Ruxley, this meant a return to their spiritual home at Ruxley Lane, and for both Clubs the merger represented the start of a new era.

The new Club continued to play with some success in the former Kookaburra / Fordham league (currently the AJ Sports League), the 1st XI in the top division with the 2nd team oscillating between the 2nd and 3rd divisions. The cricket played was 45 overs per side result cricket, which, whilst always exciting, left the Club limited if it was to progress within the structure of Surrey Cricket. The decision was therefore taken to apply to join the Fuller’s League for the 2008 season. This decision was not taken lightly as Ewell Ruxley had been one of the founding Clubs in the Slazenger League in 1975. However the need to progress and challenge ourselves proved overwhelming. Having said that, the Club bowed out of the AJ Sports League with distinction with the 1st XI holding its own in the top division and the 2nd team winning the 3rd division title. Always nice to bow out with silverware!

On the playing side, the Committee negotiated an extended lease on the ground with Old Haileyburians Rugby Club giving us security of tenure essential to allow the Club to flourish. Alongside this extended lease, the Club has invested heavily in the playing surfaces of both squares, securing the services of Sportsturf to act as ground keepers. The results have been excellent, and even in a summer as wet as 2007, the ground is in great shape with the pitches playing well.

Deando Ruxley’s aspirations for 2008 are simple: to establish ourselves in the Fuller’s League, improve the quality of cricket we play, make new friends and look forward to locking horns with old adversaries! The change of format will undoubtedly be a challenge but the added spice or progression within the Surrey Cricket Board pyramid is an enticement in itself. The change of playing format will take us out of our comfort zone and will challenge us to accept and embrace change in what is undoubtedly a brave new world.

The structure of the Club remains unchanged with two league sides on a Saturday plus two sides on a Sunday. We feel our facilities are second to none with two squares side-by-side, plenty of off road parking with the 1930’s pavilion giving as traditional a back drop as you could wish to enjoy your cricket. Needless to say a fully stocked bar is available at all times! The Committee is led by Paul Goodall, and with social events at the Club right through the season, we look forward to welcoming one and all to Ruxley Lane in 2008.


If you believe any of this information is incorrect, or have information to add, please contact info@EwellCricketClub.com or speak to one of the committee.