Ruxley Roar Issue 2


The Official Newsletter of Ewell Ruxley Cricket Club

Issue No. 2 – 13th August , 1998

Well, it seems you can’t argue with results and by all accounts, my humble little offering was well received, one distinguished member being moved to say what a pleasure it was to come home and find the Roar waiting there on the doormat. In this issue we will be dealing with various items of interest including the first letter to the Editor, a first hundred for one long standing member and a catch of quite breathtaking brilliance by the Sunday Skip!

Also, in the recent issue of ACU&S magazine (Association of Cricket Umpires & Scorers) called very imaginatively “How’s That?” there was an article called Popular Misconceptions which 1 have photocopied ( Xeroxed for you Pete - Ed). I am sure that you will all find this article very interesting and would personally refer the Sunday Skip to point 13.

IN THE NEWS ………....

Congratulations are due to Barry Churchhouse for his maiden century for the club against Valley End on 2nd August, no less impressive due to the fact that it was achieved in the presence of Royalty; well a member of Queen was there to witness it.

I wasn’t privileged to be there myself but by all accounts the acceptance speech and banter afterwards in the bar was worthy of Richard Attenborough’s famous speech after receiving an Oscar for Ghandi! Reliable sources close to our valiant centurion revealed that during the epic knock, on wandering down the wicket for a chat between overs, expecting words of wisdom and tactical nouse from Barrington, was greeted in the middle with the immortal words “Have you seen The Sunday Sport today?” Oh well , plus ca change... .

Most of you by now will be thinking that I have been at the G&T’s by writing about a stunning catch by the Sunday Skip last Sunday against Old Latymerians; well this time I was there when Phil (Jonty) Hales took off at short extra cover and plucked the ball one handed out of the air to send their opener back to the pavilion with his tail between his legs.

Congratulations to Phil Woolston on his first ton of the season against Isleworthians in the League last Saturday. Phil and big Mike Halsall saw us home with an unbroken stand of 153, Phil ending on 111* and Mike on 44* (jug avoidance).

It was a good weekend for Ruxley starting with a win over the old enemy Chessington on Friday, the last day of their cricket week. The day was concluded with a splendid BBQ reviving memories for all of us of our own BBQ’s at Ruxley Lane, but the day belonged to Peter Boyle who bowled unchanged for 23 overs, taking 6-26 . Good to see the Chairman behind the stumps again claiming a couple of victims. Watch that back, Chair.

Saturday, as already mentioned, was a win against Isleworthians and Sunday gave us our third win out of three against Latymerians, Tony Alldis with 58 and the Chairman with 47* seeing us home chasing 169.


With all the euphoria surrounding England’s excellent victory over South Africa let us not forget that Surrey are currently topping the Championship and propping up the 40 over AXA league. Too many of us have witnessed far too many false dawns to believe that Surrey will eventually lift the trophy for the first time since John Edrich’s side of 1971, but the portents are certainly good and in Saqlain Mustaq, Surrey undoubtedly have the best spinner in the Championship. If you fancy a day out at the cricket to see Surrey play, don’t forget that the Club has 5 free tickets available to Ruxley members. See me for more details.


Dear E.R.C.C Folk ,

Firstly, thank you for all your kind words, cards and fab flowers on the birth of Frankie Mailers. I could tell that he liked them because he filled his nappy when l showed them to him. Fatherhood can be thoroughly recommended, although my availability may suffer as a result, quality days, trips to the farm etc. you know how it is. I have drawn up a Fantasy Ruxley XI for the year 2013 and it looks quite strong maybe we should look for a fixture against a Surrey Championship side that weekend.

  1. Goodall

  2. Alldis

  3. Drake

  4. Greig

  5. Malandrone

  6. Summers

  7. Young

  8. Skates

  9. Boyle

  10. Young

plus any one from





Much love.

Mailers, Deb and Frankie


Dear Mailers, Deb and Frankie

In my official capacity as Secretary of Ewell Ruxley as well as self-appointed Editor of this august journal, may I take this opportunity to congratulate you and Deb on the arrival of Frankie (great name!) and to wish all of you every success in the future.


The Editor


Congratulations go to Eddie Drake on the inclusion of his father Ted Drake in the 100 top players of all time in the Football League, selected by sports writers in England.

Still no further news on the subject of the ground at Tolworth Court. Have any of the Dons followers in the Ruxley ranks heard anything on the grapevine?

With regard to Tour next year, it is as you were for 1999. The fixtures will be as they were this year with one last chance being given to Hurnbridge who let us down at the last minute this year.

On the subject of Tour, can any member help us clear up when the first tour to Bournemouth took place. I would like to know out of personal interest and also it would be a shame to miss any milestones, (25th, 30th year etc.) When last 1 spoke to Charlie Sime, our man in Istanbul, I recall that Charlie felt the first tour to Bournemouth was in the early 70’s which if this is the case, a 30th Anniversary Tour is not far away. Let me know if you have any details and a fixture list for that first tour would be interesting as well.

Anyone concerned about the health of Paul Philips, our man in Dar Es Salam, in the aftermath of the recent bombing there, need not be concerned. Paul, Angie and the kids were in the West country at the time, visiting the in-laws.


Mailers and Skatesy are interested in doing a Blues Brothers and putting the band back together. Details are sketchy as yet, but it is likely be at Decca’s late in the season. Watch this space.

So another issue comes to an end and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have compiling it. I will probably look to put out an end of season / early Autumn issue so get those letters coming. In particular, 1want to hear from our overseas players; what’s happening in Antwerp? And a word from our Welsh correspondent wouldn’t go amiss.

Frank Ford

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